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PostHeaderIcon The Biggest Game Show in the World

Interview impromptue réalisée pour un magazine de télévision russe, dans une loge de maquillage entre 2 enregistrements de jeux internationaux


PostHeaderIcon Russian cartoons in the bgs in the world

The producers of the program « The Biggest Game », gave me the honor of being depicted as a cartoon character with my mate Dimitri Naguiev who is a well-known TV and cinema star in Russia. I find them pretty well done and quite funny, How do you write “Bravo” in Russian? "áðàâî"! (pronounced... bravo!)

PostHeaderIcon Notorious, delirious, unique : " The Biggest Game Show in the World"

Here’s the promo for the Russian version of “The Biggest Game Show in the World”, that really deserves its name, believe you me! This gigantic show brings together some ten countries, each of which sends their respective competitors from the world of sport as well as showbiz, theatre, stars of the small screen and “people” of all sorts. This extraordinary cosmopolitan mixture has a highly positive effect on performance and, I speak with authority, adds fantasy and high spirits. The atmosphere is unique, there is a permanent intensity and sort of craziness that the public loves and the viewer lives, at home. > During the course of my professional activity, I have participated in quite a few shows of different natures and I can assure you that this particular one is quite exceptional!